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How to migrate IPSentry from one computer to another

How to migrate IPSentry from one computer to another

This guide represents basic steps required to migrate IPSentry from a computer going out of service onto the new system.

Prepare the Data for Transfer
On the system current running IPSentry, perform the following steps.

1. Stop the IPSentry Service Manager Service
From an elevated command prompt, type NET STOP SRVIPSEN and press <ENTER>

2. Exit IPSentry on the Desktop
From the IPSentry main console, select Action, Exit

3. Perform a complete system backup. While not required to migrate settings, this is well advised to insure that your original data is available.

4. Create a temporary folder named IPSentryBackup
e.g. C:\IPSentryBackup
Within the folder, create the following subfolders

5. Backup the necessary configuration data.
Copy the contents of the IPSDataRoot folder to your IPSDataRoot temporary folder.
[Default Location: C:\Program Files\RGE INC\IPSentryV5\IPSDataRoot]
This is the most important data as it contains all of your configuration settings.

Copy the file named License.V5 to your IPSentry Backup folder
[Default Location: C:\Program Files\RGE INC\IPSentryV5\License.V5]
This file contains your current license information and will help avoid having to re-enter the license on the new system.

6. If you utilize the Grphing Tool, backup three graphing report configuration files
Copy the following files to your ChartConfig temporary folder.
[Default Location: C:\Program Files\RGE INC\IPSentryV5\ChartConfig]
File: ChartSchedules.XML
File: ChartSelection.XML
File: ChartDefs.XML

7. Backup custom pager scripts if you have created any
Copy the PGScript folder contents to your PGScript temporary folder.
[Default Location: C:\Program Files\RGE INC\IPSentryV5\PGScript]

8. If you have upsized the graphing statistics to SQL Server, backup the IPSentry configuration file IPSentryV5.Config to your temporary backup folder.
[Default Location: C:\Program Files\RGE INC\IPSentryV5\IPSentryV5.Config]

Deploy the New Installation
1. Install IPSentry on the new computer.
Download from http://www.ipsentry.com/download
Do not launch IPSentry after installation.

2. After installation, you are ready to copy your backup data.
Copy the contents of your IPSentryBackup folder to the new IPSentry Application Folder
[Default location: C:\Program Files\RGE INC\IPSentryV5]

Copy the contents of your IPSentryBakcup\IPSDataRoot folder to the new IPSentry Application Folder\IPSDataRoot
[Default location: C:\Program Files\RGE INC\IPSentryV5\IPSDataRoot]

Copy the contents of your IPSentryBakcup\PGScript folder to the new IPSentry Application Folder\ PGScript
[Default location: C:\Program Files\RGE INC\IPSentryV5\ PGScript]

Copy the contents of your IPSentryBakcup\ChartConfig folder to the new IPSentry Application Folder\ ChartConfig
[Default location: C:\Program Files\RGE INC\IPSentryV5\ ChartConfig]

3. Launch IPSentry on your new computer and verify your configuration settings.
Because of potential changes in paths and/or security, a full test should be run and corrections to configurations may be required.

4. If you have IPSentry running as a service, you will now need to reconfigure IPSentry to run as a system service on the new system.
See: http://www.ipsentry.com/htmlhelp53/IPSENTRY/systemoptions.general.htm#Run_as_service

Finalize after successful validation
Once you have verified that all features are functioning properly, uninstall IPSentry from the old system. Although licensing is part of the reason, one problem that has cropped up over and over is somebody launching an old and out of date installation resulting in a flood of alerts being generated.

IPSentry Support
RGE, Inc.

IPSentry® is a Registered Trademark of RGE, Inc.

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