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2017/03/29 14:51:35 (permalink)

Monitoring SMTP performance

As you may have figured out I'm a rookie at this! We're trying to re-implement ipSentry based upon specifications from our previous corporate owners & one of the items from the sketchy word doc I got is described as this:

<LastPerfData OldPath="SMTP Server(SMTP 1)\Remote Queue Length" OldValue="0" ItemUID="4" OldMatchValue="0" LastValue="0" LastCheck="2011-09-22T15:53:49-00:00" BaseLineRequired="0" />
Does this mean anything to you?

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    Re: Monitoring SMTP performance 2017/03/29 15:50:59 (permalink)
    That is an XML element from the cache used by the performance counter add-in to keep track of changes last check values.   Specifically, it is a child of the <PerfDataCache /> element.    For each monitored performance counter, there is one <LastPerfData /> element.
    In the case of the data provided, it appears that the Remote Queue Length performance counter for the exchange SMTP server was being monitored.  
    Unfortunately, the cache data only indicates what the last known value was and when it was last evaluated.  It does not identify the server nor threshold values to check or any alerting mechanisms.   It is just part of a cache entry that is built dynamically during the monitoring process.
    If you can locate a set of files in the format of {YYYYMMDD-######-##########-#####.#####}.xml , these will likely contain full configuration data.  One XML file per monitored entry.

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